Gala day

Leith Festival Gala Day
takes place every year on the second Saturday of June on Leith Links. Gala Day is always packed with all sorts of great events and LPPC join the fun by hosting a stall to raise funds. Gala day is one of our biggest annual fundraisers, raising nearly £1200 this year and is really important to help us to continue to support the school.


The stall for 2016 was a roaring success with visitors to the Gala including:

  • Guess water or wine game
  • Fabulous Leith Primary cotton shoppers for sale
  • Guess the sweets in the jar game
  • Guess the weight of the cake game
  • A selection of lovely home made crafts
  • Legendary home baking

We always need help in the build up and on the actual day with everything from baking to setting up the stall.  So if you would like to get involved, please get in touch to let us know.