LPPC hoping to win funding from Leith Chooses

The parent council is hoping to win £1120 to provide breakfast and snacks for Leith Primary students through Leith Chooses www.leithchooses.net/

LPPC will provide the school with boxes of breakfast and healthy snack food items which will be positioned in each classroom and at key stations round the school such as the office. This is so that school staff can easily provide children with breakfast or a snack with minimal fuss or disruption to their learning.

There are a significant number of pupils arriving at school each day without having had breakfast, without a snack for breaktime or an adequate lunch. The boxes will support these vulnerable children who are falling through the net of other food provision in school or the wider community.

We need your support when voting opens on 25th January https://consultationhub.edinburgh.gov.uk/cf/vote-leith-chooses/

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