Wednesday lessons

Today we went to the Cairngorms and skied on the beautiful snow!They had to make some fake snow as there was no actual snow😣 Luckily there was loads of snow before we left! Tomorrow we are heading back to the Cairngorms!

Looking forward to tomorrow! See you all soon!



This morning we were all eafer to get sling which you can see in this picture.

We all wanted to see the snow.

When we got to the Cairngorms we were all surprised by the amount of snow the snow machines gap produced.

It as over two slopes and it was so soft.

After after a morning of sking we were all hungry so we went up to the cafe .

We got a drink and something to eat and we were ready for the afternoon lesson.

So excited for tomorrow can’t wait to see you again.


13 thoughts on “Wednesday lessons

  1. Yey! So glad you guys got to do some skiing and very excited about real snow tomorrow. Hopefully Sid didn’t get injured 😉 What are you up to tonight? Love Amy xxx


  2. So happy you had snow! Lovely seeing all of you having fun skiing! Have a good night so you will have plenty of energy for tomorrow!
    Good night my Sophie xx (Sophie’s mum)


  3. AMAZING Leithers. Delighted you have managed to ski on snow. I’m sad to miss out! Hope you are all having a fabulous time.


  4. What a lovely update – we’re so glad you got to ski on snow at Cairngorm ❄️ Have fun tomorrow! 😊 Love Rachel & Alex xx


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