The best bits of today 15/1



We got to go on the dry slope and have a practise. It was very fun πŸ˜€

Scavanger Hunt

We went into the woods and found things from a list and used them to make a collage 😲

Dinner time

At dinner time we enjoyed the pasta and Apple crumble for desert.

Helping out and getting organised

Everyone unpacked and made their beds. At dinner we all helped set the table and some of us helped wash up.

By Joe, Sean, Louis, SamuelΒ  and James



12 thoughts on “The best bits of today 15/1

  1. Woo hoo you made it! Sounds like a great day, I bet Sid was happy with pasta and apple crumble for dinner 😊

    Also, Sid is that an injury I see πŸ˜‚

    Hope you all get some sleep tonight and the snow fairy comes.

    Much love,

    Amy xx


  2. Thanks for the update and sounds like a great first day. Sleep tight and here’s hoping for some snow tomorrow.
    Kate (Joe and James’ mum) xx


  3. Looks like a fantastic first day!! Hope everyone has a good sleep for the next adventures tomorrow!! Have fun everyone xx


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