8 thoughts on “Ski Trip 2019 – and they’re off!

  1. I hope you are all arrived safe and sound!
    I miss the blog updating us on your journey!
    Have a lot of fun sking tomorrow!
    Lots of hugs and kisses Sophie! Xx

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  2. I too have missed the updates to reassure us that arrived safe and sound!! Have a fab first eve and have lots of fun!! Fingers and toes crossed for snow! Vikki x (Forbes’ mum)

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  3. Hope everyone has settled in OK. Hope there’s more updates can’t wait to see skiing pictures 🤞🏼 hehe.

    Hope all the mummy’s and daddy’s are OK too lol

    Katrina (Sonny’s mum)

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  4. Hello lovelies!!! Hope you’ve all had a fab day on the slopes! Leith is very quiet without all of you! Can’t wait to see photos of the trip.
    Keep cosy and sweet dreams,
    Emma (Malika and ameenahs mum) 😘 😘


  5. I too am perturbed that there’s no update or photos of their arrival or even what they have done today or even the weather there. They’ve been gone almost 12hrs…. I suspect they’re stuck in a snow-drift and the lucky ones are watching the Brexit vote.


  6. Is there a contact number we can call for an update? For many of the children this is their first time away from home on a residential trip so a text would contain our anxieties.




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